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Robin Lord has been committed to the pursuit of justice since she could remember. A staunch advocate even as a teenager, she left her mark on school teachers with papers such as “Guidelines for Police to follow in order to Harass Teenagers”. Now, 30 years later, her stalwart defense of liberty and justice has yet to waver.

Robin Lord has successfully defended persons accused of crimes throughout the State of New Jersey. From murder, sexual assault, aggravated assault, bank robbery, drug distribution, official misconduct, theft, carjacking, burglary, armed robbery, fraud, and racketeering along with possession of weapons; Robin has a large and successful portfolio. Some of these victories involved DNA fingerprint and other identification evidence as well as other forensic evidence.

Along with her private investigators, Robin participates in each stage of the investigation including witness interviews, wire tap analysis, accident and shooting reconstructions, scene examination and forensic testing.

Robin Lord believes that only an aggressive legal defense will defend you when accused of committing a serious crime. That is why hundreds of clients have chosen Robin for over a quarter century to defend their cases with passion and care. Most people do not often understand the variety of defenses that might be available to them. Only with skilled representation can your rights be thoroughly investigated and fully protected. Robin will level the playing field and see to it that your rights are protected.

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About Robin Kay Lord

Robin has been a lawyer for over three decades. Her experience began working as a law clerk and then as an Assistant Public Defender before opening her own Law Practice in 1996.

She received her Law Degree from Hofstra University and a Bachelor of Science from Syracuse University. She began her legal career representing indigent criminal defendants in the trenches of the Office of the Public Defender as a Trial Attorney for almost a decade. It is there where she developed her passion for vigorously protecting the rights and liberties of individuals.

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